Netflix’s “The Crown” & how it relates to stitching

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Jan 162017

Have you been watching “The Crown” on Netflix? It is a highly applauded series about the royal family of England and specifically a snapshot of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from her marriage to Prince Phillip, her Coronation and subsequently her reign into mid century (1956)  times. A fabulous series if I do say so and one that was recognized with awards for both the actors and the series.  It’s rich in visual details,  wardrobe and acting.  Watch it if you have access to Netflix,  you won’t be disappointed.


So how does all this have any correlation to stitching you ask?  Well, yesterday while looking around on the internet, a headline caught my attention about the current Queen Elizabeth’s ancestor, Queen Elizabeth I’s (1600 a.d.),  gown (or so they believe) being found on an alter in an English church in Herefordshire. The significance of this is that Queen Elizabeth I’s wardrobe was never salvaged and is not in museums.  Partly due to being from the 1600’s but also clothes then were repurposed and little was kept in tact. I am an Anglophile, a quilter and a stitcher so this article interested me on many levels and I am sure you will enjoy it too.

Queen Elizabeth I circa 1600 a.d.

QueenelizabethI3Beautiful stitching found on the alter cloth in the Hereforshire church.

QueenelizabethI2Here is a link to this fascinating article: Copy and paste it into your browser

The alter cloth will undergo 18 months of renovation and will eventually occupy it’s home in the Tudor palace where it can be enjoyed by the many and rightfully so.

Happy Stitching!


jomorton1Jo Morton is an author, teacher, lecturer and designer of best-selling reproduction fabrics.  Her latest book, Jo’s Little Favorites, states that Jo began stitching in 1980 and hasn’t put her needle down since.  She particularly enjoys creating small scale interpretations of nineteenth century American quilt patterns.

We currently carry Jo’s Gratitude fabric collection from Moda fabric.  It is a gorgeous collection full of warm and homey colors and small prints that Jo is known for.

Jo has a special talent for decorating with her quilts.  We thought we would share some of this decorating advice with you.

  • Tuck quilts in unexpected places where you’ll get to enjoy them when you happen upon them
  • Fold a little quilt and drape it over one door in a cupboard or hutch
  • Roll up small quilts and put them in a basket where you can enjoy them
  • Drape them on the back of shelves with bowls or glassware in front of them to compliment them
  • Swap out quilts by season and add seasonal accessories
  • Line your sewing basket with a small quilt
  • Stack them on a chair
  • Hang them over a fuse box or window with no view
  • Have fun with your quilts and most of all enjoy looking at them

Enjoy each and every quilt you make…. don’t put them in a drawer but instead decorate your space and you will always have Gratitude!

Happy Quilting,



It’s been an explosion of fabric around here lately! Lots of new collections are arriving and we know you would want to know.

Let’s start with Handmade by the ever popular Bonnie & Camille, who bring us this wonderful group in their signature colors.  We all have a special place in our hearts for all things handmade.  Make beautiful handmade keepsakes with this fabric collection.


Next up, Chestnut Street from Fig Tree Quilts.  This group is filled with retro florals, versatile fillers and background prints in colors like Pomegranate, Fern, Chestnut and Pumpkin.  Chestnut St is a perfect blend of summer and fall.


If you love shabby chic and have an appreciation for the lighter shades then you will love, Fleurs, from Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt Designs. With a palette that includes Peony, Bluebell, Sprout, Buttercup and Linen, my hope is that you will be inspired to fill your life with beautiful quilts and fleurs.

If you are a fan of Sandy Gervais, you will need to have some of her new collection called Plush. Plush is a sophisticated collection that suits both modern and traditional tastes and has visual delight in colors that will make you feel warm and cozy.


Stop in to the website today and get a look at the new Moda’s on the block!

Happy Quilting!


Sep 122016


jpq2172[2]Fern Hill by Moda designer Jan Patek has just arrived and is already a quilt crowd pleaser. If you know Jan then you already know she is famous for her wonderful prints in color saturated shades. They are always gorgeous no matter the theme. The fabric has a certain kind of “hand” that just says, touch me!

Soft, intense and comforting…” is how Jan describes the fern-covered countryside of her Missouri home. Under the deep blue night sky, the landscape has a lush vibrancy that she finds so soothing.

Luscious shades of nature and folk art themes come together and bring us a collection worth cheering about.

Beautiful kits  are available with pattern and fabrics all chosen for you.  Take a look!


We may be offering the Fern Hill pattern as a BOM.  If you are interested in that option please email me and let me know.

Happy Quilting!



Minick & Simpson are long time Moda designers who favor the red, white & blue colors as their primary color palette. They are our patriotic go-to designers and we always have some of their collections in our online store.

A recent delivery brought us their new collection called Grand Traverse Bay and boy were we delighted by the interest in this grouping. So much interest in fact from quilters like you that we had to reorder the collection right away!

For all of you who love blues and creams you will absolutely covet these fabric prints. Notice I said blues and creams and didn’t even mention red.  There is no red in this grouping.  Blue and creams dominate and boy are they stunning!

If you want red and creams check out what we have left of their Miss Scarlet group or Polka Dots and Paisleys.  Mostly sold down now but some prints are still in the store. As I said, their fabrics don’t stay around too long.

Portage Lake kit is being offered on the internet as a block of the month, but we know Minick & Simpson lovers  would want to have the the complete kit right away so we are offering the complete kit now.

Get your fair share of Grand Traverse Bay while we are well stocked.

Happy Quilting,


Jul 142016

There’s been lots of anticipation for Edyta Sitar’s newest prints collection called Blue Barn.  Similar to her Cold Spell Prints group of last year, Blue Barn is also done in shades of blues, tans and creams.  You will love the fact that even though this is considered a holiday/winter collection it does not scream one or the other.  Frankly it is a collection of prints that will work on any project your are doing with a blue theme.


Edyta is a prolific quilter and designer.  Her collections are always well received and we have her next group on order for November delivery.  It’s called “Pumpkin Pie” and is coming at just the right time of year.  Let us know by email if you want us to let you know when it arrives.

We are all Sew In Love with Blue Barn and we know you will be too!

Happy Quilting,



Lella Boutique has designed a gorgeous fabric collection for Moda fabric and is due for a November delivery. It’s called Olive’s Flower Market. The internet is abuzz with good feelings towards this grouping.


Vanessa Goertzen is the designing force behind Lella Boutique and you can read her “about me” on her Facebook page.

Pretty colors, prints, patterns and precuts will accompany this group. There will even be a block of the month available which is currently being planned. More on that later though!

There is sew much new fabric on it’s way but we knew you would want to know we are offering this one sew you can plan a special quilt from Lella Boutique patterns or join our Block of the Month.  Drop me an email to  if you want to know when the sign up begins.

Here are some of the pretty and fresh patterns you will be seeing in November.


olives3olives4 olives6








Here’s a sneak peek at the My Secret Garden Block of the Month using Olive’s Flower Market fabric and the pattern from Sherri Falls of This & That patterns.  Just in case you wanted to be one of the first to email me of your interest.


I hope you are getting as excited as we are here for the arrival of Olive’s Flower Market fabrics etc.

Happy Quilting!


Apr 252016

Meet our new Little Red Box 

Sew we thought it would be fun to start a new fabric club.  One that is quarterly and highlights one of our favorite Moda designers fabric in a seasonal way.

A seasonally themed “quilty” project featuring one of these fabric groups will be included and your box will contain other useful sewing related goodies as space allows.  

The contents are a secret but will contain a value greater than what you pay for.  The items found in the Little Red Box are targeted to all quilters, not just beginners or advanced.

We will start shipping the summer box June 6, the autumn box Sept 6, the winter box Dec 6 and the spring box March 6,2017

Each quarter you will be charged $43.95 plus shipping.
US shipping is just $9.95 per quarter
I am sorry but no Canadian or International shipments are offered due to excessive postage costs to those areas.

You must use a credit card for this program.  Should you change cards we ask you to notify us right away. If you want us to change your ™ship to™ address please notify us as soon as possible.
One time registration fee of $2.50 now will reserve your spot.
No need to re-register each quarter as we will automatically ship your Little Red Box for all 4 quarters.

Please do not order other items at the same time as you register for the quarterly Little Red Box.
If you did we would have to separate the items out and charge you postage.

Spots are limited so please register as soon as you can to be included. Due to popular demand, please realize that we may have to make substitutions of fabric or notions as available.

A hint or two about each quarterly Little Red Box may be given along the way on Instagram & Facebook.  We sure do hope you will join us and don’t forget to invite your friends along too.  Wouldn’t it be fun to open a Little Red Box with a friend?

Happiness always!



Apr 112016

Be still my heart!

Miss Scarlet from Minick and Simpson is here and will make all you red and white quilt fans swoon.
potting-shedKnown for their red/white/blue collections, Polly and sister Laurie have outdone themselves with their Miss Scarlet collection.  There are no blues in this group but you could easily add  some to the mix if your quilt requires it.

Take a look at the scrumptious prints and yes the red the red the red!

missscarletWe carry this collection as complete yardage and offer the Moda precuts as well as half yard color way groupings.
missscarlet3Here’s a close shot of Polly and Laurie’s basket pattern called Fitzgerald

missscarlet2Time to stop drooling and get over to the website and order Miss Scarlet.

Happy Quilting,


Mar 222016

KateSpainKates designs appear on products for Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Target, and other leading retailers. Moda knew a good thing when they signed Kate to design fabrics exclusively for them.

Kate states in her bio for Moda  that she is an “avid gardener and much of my inspiration can be found in Nature – an unlikely color combination that lures me in, a simple flower that I’d never looked at so closely before, random patterns like sandpiper tracks, fern fronds, willow buds. In the studio, I try to translate these natural inspirations into designs. No matter where I begin my design process, I always end up in a new place. I hope you enjoy where your creativity and wonder take you!”

We currently stock 2 of Kates recent collections called Canyon and Aria. Both have fresh designs in colors that will wow you! We offer precuts and also half yard cuts of the various colorways.

Canyon feature print

Aria feature print

Just as Spring has sprung, your color palette could get lighter and brighter by adding these prints to your projects. Take a look and see if you don’t agree with me that Kate had just livened up our quilts!

Happy Quilting!